When It Comes to IT, You Need a Trusted Advisor

Sep 23, 2014 | Our Industry

IT support is the socks-and-underwear of every company’s budget. You know you need this stuff, but you wish you didn’t have to think about it so much. Didn’t we replace that just last year? What do you mean there’s a hole in it already? You’re telling me I’ve got two of these and they’re both charcoal grey, but they don’t match? Could someone who knows what he’s doing just take care of all this?

Brightworks Group is to Indianapolis IT service providers what the valet you’ve always wanted would be to your top dresser drawer. While we won’t keep your unmentionables in order (we’re known for radical customer service but we have to draw the line somewhere), our operations-as-a-service approach will keep your IT infrastructure functioning smoothly behind the scenes so you never have to worry about it. Here’s how:

We understand your business.

Up front, we put in the time to really learn your business so we can suggest ways to make your technology enhance your workflow rather than detract from it. Our team analyzes your IT expenditures over time and in light of your vision and goals so we can get the two in alignment. We think your technology should serve your business, not the other way around.

We build proactive solutions.

The only thing worse than having IT problems is spending time thinking about the IT problems you’re having. At Brightworks Group, proactive solutions are built-in to IT support. We constantly monitor and analyze your data, thinking of ways to make your infrastructure work better, and getting out in front of problems before you even have to think about them.

We keep your interests in mind.

Because of our innovative operations-as-a-service model, our IT support teams are motivated and incentivized to get to the root of problems, make your systems more efficient and cost-effective, and engage in radical customer service. All of our plans are month-to-month, so you have to like us or we’re out. Unlike other Indianapolis IT service providers you may have tried, Brightworks Group puts your interests first. We suggest solutions in line with your goals, your workflow, and your budget, and the only vested interest we have is yours.

Brightworks Group is the trusted advisor you’ve always wanted. Find out more about why choosing Brightworks Group as your IT support could be the best decision you’ll make all year.

And for the record, buying a jumbo pack of 16 identical dress socks will change your life. But really, that’s as far as we’re going with the valet thing. From here on out, it’s just IT advice.