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ITWorks Complete Managed IT

Your small or medium-sized business needs technology, but technology isn’t your business. With ITWorks you get predictable results from your business technology without having to be concerned with staffing, making purchasing decisions, dealing with vendors, or worrying about upgrades. We’ll handle the complicated stuff so you can get on with your business.

Managed Monitoring

Predictable technology results depend on predictable technology behavior. It’s tough to predict behavior that isn’t consistently and reliably monitored. While there are all kinds of IT monitoring systems available today, some even free, these systems often aren’t effective. Configuring and tuning a monitoring system to provide useful, actionable alerts and not a bunch of “noise” is complicated and time consuming. “Noisy” alerting systems swamp already overtaxed NOC teams with useless information that they learn to ignore…along with potentially vital alerts that need action. The Brightworks Group has configured, tuned, and maintains monitoring for dozens of customers and thousands of devices – far more than most NOC teams will ever be exposed to. Through this experience, our managed monitoring service can provide your technology operations people with the timely, relevant information they need to handle problems early, reducing or eliminating technology-related interruptions in your business.

Managed Hosting

More and more companies are “getting out of the server owning business” and we think that’s a good thing! In many cases it makes no more sense for a business to own it’s own servers than it does for them to own their own electrical plant. That doesn’t mean that commodity, shared cloud hosting is the right decision for every business, though. The Brightworks Group offers dedicated, managed cloud hosting for both servers and virtual desktop infrastructure. If your needs are more complex than shared hosting can support or you have special compliance, security, or management needs, the Brightworks Cloud can help.

Managed NOC & Help Desk

Your IT staff can produce better outcomes for your business by focusing on strategic projects and not being bogged down in the day-to-day support issues. Our decades of IT operations and support experience mean that we can manage your Help Desk or Network Operations Center needs: addressing tickets, providing monitoring, and keeping things running so your staff can focus on the big picture your business needs.

Managed Security

Network security breaches cost businesses billions of dollars every year. Despite this, many  businesses don’t practice good network security due to complexity and expense. Instead, they hope that they’ll be lucky or that their business will be obscure enough to avoid becoming a target. You don’t have to trust to luck and hope that your business won’t be the subject of a potentially crippling data breach. The Brightworks Group can help you by implementing and operating a constantly monitored multi-layered information security program. Let us help you get the piece of mind that comes from an actively managed, affordable set of managed security solutions.

Managed Datacenter

Managing servers in even a small datacenter requires skills and knowledge not every IT generalist can provide. Data center operations encompasses much more than just responding to trouble tickets and trying to keep systems patched. If you need true predictable results from a reliably run data center, our decades of experience in data center design and operation can make that happen. From network operations, monitoring, security, change management and patching to vendor and environmental management we can help.

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

The safety and integrity or your data has never been more important or more at risk than it is today. From weather-related disasters to hostile employees to malware and ransomware the number of threats that can cause data loss are multiplying. Our BackupWorks managed backup and DR service is much more than just copying your data to “the cloud.” Let us show you how easily and dependably you can know that you’ll be able to recover anything from a simple file to your entire data infrastructure.

Email Security, Archiving, & Continuity

Email is the lifeblood of your business – and under attack more than ever these days. Email is one of the primary ways that bad actors outside your organization try and gain access to your systems and data. Email is also one of the major points of exposure in your business from internal threats and a potential source of legal complications. Along with our partner Mimecast, Brightworks Group helps you eliminate business risk through improved email cyber-resiliency. Our integrated cloud suite can provide you with improved security, compliant email archiving and e discovery, and email business continuity. You don’t even need to worry about the infrastructure or management. If safe, secure, dependable email is important to your company, talk to us today about email cyber-resiliency.

Managed VDI

The promise of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is great. The reality of implementing one that works is a “bridge too far” for many IT departments. Brightworks has been in on VDI since its inception. We’ve developed the skills, knowledge, and tools to make it work. Combined with world-class hosting through our partner Virtual Systems we can deliver managed VDI that will make your employees cheer. Contact us today to learn about why Managed VDI is the best way for your company to handle End User Computing.

Professional Services

IT Operations Optimization

Running an effective, efficient IT operation that delivers predictable business outcomes is complex. We can help you find the right combination of services, processes, procedures and people to help you create a World Class organization.

Compliance Auditing

Keeping up with compliance requirements can be a chore. Brightworks can help you prepare for audits with our compliance tracking tools and by helping you implement compliance-oriented operating processes and procedure.


Virtualization means a lot more today than just creating some virtual servers on a hypervisor. Traditional virtualization approaches are being replaced by hyperconvergence, hybrid environments, and cloud hosting. Brightworks has worked with all of these and our engineers are on the cutting edge of virtualization technology. Let us help you design and implement the right virtualization solution for your business.


In an era of cloud, Software-As-A-Service and remote workforces, your network is the key to reliable IT service delivery. At Brightworks we’ve been designing and implementing networks since there have been networks. Whether your networking needs are large or small, LAN, WLAN, or WAN, Brightworks can help you build and operate a network that provides you with predictable results.

Technology Strategy Development

A solid technology strategy for your business is the key to moving from a reactive to a proactive IT approach that delivers business value. Brightworks helps you not only develop your strategy, but helps you put the tools in place for ongoing strategy evaluation and modification.

Security Auditing

Keeping your IT secure is a full-time task these days. In addition to working with you to fix existing security vulnerabilities and implement good security procedures, Brightworks can conduct on-demand or recurring security vulnerability audits of your network.


One thing is certain – your business needs to store more data than ever today, and there’s no end in site. Brightworks has decades of experience helping organizations select and implement data storage systems. We’ll help you implement the right storage at the right price for your application. We can also help you develop a storage strategy and approach that makes the most of your resources for the future.

Infrastructure Design

Developing the design for an infrastructure project that is both cost-effective and meets your business and technology needs requires a comprehensive knowledge of not just how specific technologies work, but what options are available. The combination of our engineering expertise and strong, diverse partner relationships allows our Design Desk to help you create world-class infrastructure designs.

IT Operations Auditing

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Through our system of IT operations standards and best practices we can identify business and technology risks for you, either on demand or on an ongoing basis.

Technology Vendor Assessments

Technology is expensive. It’s even more expensive if your spending doesn’t effectively support your business needs and strategy. By auditing your IT spending and the performance of your IT vendors, Brightworks helps you align both capital and operational expense to get the results you need.

Datacenter Architecture & Migrations

Brightworks has helped dozens of companies large and small develop new data centers and move from one data center to another. Our extensive data center project management experience can help you make the transition with a minimum of downtime and disruption.

Project Management

Most IT projects go over budget and take longer than anticipated – but it doesn’t have to be that way. At Brightworks we’ve successfully executed on hundreds of technology projects. We can work with you to help you bring your next project in on time and on budget, and make you look like a hero!

Staff Augmentation

IT Support Staff

Brightworks specializes in IT Help Desk and support – and we know how to staff your IT support function. Let us help you deliver best-in-class IT support by helping you with best-in-class support staff. Whether you need contractors or full-time staff, we can help you find the best.

IT Executive/IT Leadership Staffing

Effective technology leadership in foundational to having a technology team that meets your business needs. At Brightworks, we understand how and where to find the technology leaders your business needs. We can help you with all your technology leadership needs, from Virtual CIOs to permanent placement technology executives, for organizations of any size.

Project Go-Live Support

Big projects need good support staff at go-live to help make the process go smoothly. Brightworks can provide you with a temporary, project specific support team either on-site or remotely for a specific period when your new application or project goes live.

Engineering Staff

Need a virtualization or network expert, a DBA or system administrator periodically or for a specific project? Looking to augment your engineering staff with high-quality IT engineering contractors? Have an open engineering role you need to fill permanently? Brightworks recruiters have over two decades of IT recruiting background.

What We Do


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