What is Co-Managed IT?

Aug 19, 2020 | Managed Services, Our Industry, Strategy

At Brightworks Group, most of our staff come from a background of working as part of the IT teams at many different organizations. One of the ideas that motivated us to come together and create Brightworks Group was a commitment to helping organizations make their existing IT better rather than outsourcing and offshoring.

There are a lot of advantages to organizations having their own IT team. Internal IT teams often have a deeper understanding of your business and the people in your business than an outside provider can have. Having an internal IT team allows a business to have more control of a mission-critical business function.

At the same time, it can be difficult for internal IT teams to field all the expertise they need. Since they are focused on a single environment, they might not have the experience and flexibility to handle complex situations. In the case of small IT departments, there’s often more work across too broad a set of technologies for a small team to handle.

That’s why we’re focused on co-managed IT. Rather than looking to replace existing IT teams Brightworks Group wants to help your team be better. We can “plug-in” to those places where your existing IT staff needs a hand. We aren’t just talking about providing staffing though – this isn’t staff augmentation. Instead, we’re providing your team with access to the technology staff, tools, processes and procedures that we use with all of our customers.

We call this co-managed IT. By working together with your team, we help your company benefit from our technology operations expertise and tools while making your IT better. You benefit both from having an internal IT team while also getting the benefits of our experience with dozens of companies and their technologies.

This is a different approach to IT. Your business gets the best of both worlds. Your IT team stays your IT team, with all the great things that means for your business, while being able to provide a higher level of service and knowledge by leveraging Brightworks Group. We’re better together. Ask us for more details on how we can work with your team to co-manage your IT.

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