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“Software Defined Everything” is changing the business world. The ability of businesses and their employees to access and share information easily, efficiently, and from anywhere is crucial to success in today’s landscape. Given the changes of how and where businesses and their employees work in recent times, many once-acceptable IT infrastructures, particularly on-premise data centers and physical servers, have become exposed as simply not enough.

Expanding a business’ IT infrastructure with such arrangements lead to costly hardware expenses like adding servers and computers. The monetary cost coupled with the time investment it takes to install and implement these new additions often creates an enormous burden for businesses.

On top of the cost of expanding and maintaining on-premise servers and data centers, this sort of IT infrastructure is vulnerable to accessibility issues with more and more employees working remotely. Additionally, power outages in your datacenter caused by natural or man-made issues that can cripple productivity.

The solution to the problems faced by many businesses is the digital transformation of their IT infrastructures. Moving away from dependence on physical data centers and excessive hardware requirements to a “Software Defined Everything” approach to technology solutions allows businesses to more easily and efficiently expand and access their IT infrastructure.

This need is why The Brightworks Group presents Verge-OS, powered by Rather than relying on expensive additional hardware, Verge-OS is seamlessly integrated and installed onto commodity hardware to create completely virtualized datacenters.

These virtual datacenters enable a secure, sustainable, scalable, and mobile IT infrastructure that promotes IT modernization and digital transformation.

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Perks of Software Defined Everything


Verge-OS removes the need for piling on hardware purchases and manpower needed to expand your IT infrastructure. Your physical IT infrastructure is replaced with virtual datacenters that reduce hardware, software, and operational expenses across the board.   


Scaling with software rather than hardware allows you to use less energy and take up less space once occupied with on-premise data centers. Save money and take advantage of newfound space in your work environment.



As your business grows, adding new users or establishing new locations requires the addition of only simple, commodity hardware and the installation of Verge-OS on new machines. Hardware additions for new on-premise data centers and local servers are no longer necessary. 


Your data center is moved to a virtual environment secured by data protection through encryption both in-flight and at rest. Your virtual resources are safe inside self-contained, tenant virtual datacenters, each completely isolated and secure.


Verge-OS and virtual datacenters eliminate the complexity associated with moving applications between environments. As a result, your workforce can work and share more easily and efficiently regardless of their location.



Verge-OS simplifies your IT infrastructure, collecting employees and even multiple locations under one unified solution. Doing so reduces operating cost and management requirements while increasing performance and security.

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