Using CompleteCloud to Cut IT Capex

Jan 6, 2021 | Compliance, Operating Systems, Strategy

IT Capex

As companies have become increasingly dependent on IT to accomplish their business objectives, they’ve had to dig deeper into their capital budgets to keep up with rapid advances. No matter when you buy a new laptop, a tablet, or a rack full of servers, you make that investment knowing something newer and more powerful will reach the marketplace the next day or month. So most company leaders recognize that capital expenditures for technology are essentially short-term costs.

Whether you choose to replace a specific percentage of technology annually or make a huge buy every three or four years, IT likely represents a significant amount of your capital spending. And, because your working capital is limited, having to replace a bunch of devices or servers means you can’t invest that spending in production equipment or on your company’s other needs.

Whether you learned it in a college accounting class or one of your business mentors pointed it out, but it’s rarely a good idea to use long-term funding sources for short-term costs. That’s why we don’t take out 15-year mortgages to buy cars. Yet most companies continue to invest in technology assets the same way they buy production equipment that’s expected to be around long after those shiny new laptops are buried in some landfill.

Wish you had a better alternative? You do, and the Brightworks team can make it a reality for you. It starts with looking at your IT as an operating cost instead of a capital investment, and one of the best ways we’ve seen to do that is through a platform called CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara.

CompleteCloud is an IT solution that provides your complete infrastructure from the data center to the devices each employee brings home. It addresses everything your company needs to efficiently and confidently operate your IT, with local internet access, comprehensive maintenance and ongoing updates, a full productivity suite for your team, remarkably robust security, U.S.-based support, and a pricing model that’s as affordable as it is predictable. 

With CompleteCloud, you can concentrate on your business instead of being distracted by IT issues. You can devote your decision-making to strategic initiatives instead of trying to figure out which servers or laptops to buy or frequently you need to update them. You won’t lose sleep wondering whether your data is safe from cybercriminals.

By giving you a complete digital transformation and cloud transition solution, CompleteCloud makes it easier for you to empower your team to be able to work safely and securely from anywhere.

Speaking of security, that’s a key advantage of CompleteCloud. Avatara’s best-in-class managed security suite including a private data center environment, DNS and content filtering, host-based intrusion detection, log archives, 24×7 security operations center, multi-factor authentication, secure email protection, and cybersecurity awareness training for your team. CompleteCloud’s security and compliance with key protocols means your company will automatically meet the requirements of regulations such as CMMC, HIPAA, DFARS, and NIST.

Not only will moving to CompleteCloud shift IT from capex to your operating costs, it does so in a way that’s predictable and scalable. You’ll be able to accurately project your IT costs instead of scrambling to cover unexpected needs. Plus, relying on CompleteCloud is likely to be more affordable than what you’re currently paying in IT-related costs such as support and monitoring. 

Is CompleteCloud the right choice for your company? Our team will be happy to explain how it works, what would be involved in making the transition, and what you can expect to budget capex for this practical, affordable solution.