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 delivering predictable results.

Technology May Run Your Business, but You’re Not in the Business of Running Technology.

Business owners and managers want their people to be productive and working – making money for the company. What they don’t want to do is to spend a lot of time managing their technology. More importantly, they don’t want to deal with technology that doesn’t consistently work.

Brightworks is a Technology Success Provider. We deliver consistent, predictable results for your business from your technology.

Predictable results from your technology mean more productivity from your staff. That means better margins and improved profits. It means tangible business results.

Let’s face it: all IT service providers tell you they “get to know your business”. You don’t need yet another IT service provider doing break-fix work, or a Managed Services Provider focused on selling you the latest cloud gizmo. You need someone with a proven process that delivers predictable business results from your technology. We do. Here’s how:

Creating Predictable Technology Results.

Network Administration


Technical Alignment



Business Alignment

What We Can Do for You.

  • We continually assess your business technology against hundreds of standards and best practices. These standards are based on our experience with business technology management over three decades. Aligning your technology with the standards prevents costly breakdowns and interruptions, and reduces capital expenses that result from purchasing unneeded equipment.
  • Monthly, we meet with you to review your technical alignment with these standards, clearly identifying where your technology and the standards diverge. This is our Network Administration process.
  • We review with you the plan to address the divergence and correct any problems we’ve found.
  • We put in place monitoring and maintenance routines to proactively prevent problems and outages based on our standards and the assessment of your business.
  • We provide fast, responsive support for those issues that can’t be dealt with proactively.
  • We evaluate the monthly Network Administration findings to identify issues that present a risk to your business. We review these issues with you as part of a Quarterly Business Review where we build a technology strategy and budget for you and your organization. This is our vCIO process, designed to create business alignment with your technology.

What You Can Expect.

The end result is that the number of support requests from your staff decline and the downtime and hassle of dealing with technology in your business goes away. Your staff will be more productive, you’ll be more informed and confident about your technology spending and management, and your business will be more successful. You’ll get predictable results from your business technology.

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