The days of relying on expensive and difficult-to-manage in-house infrastructure are quickly going by the wayside as businesses now demand more accessible, easy-to-use, and secure technology. That is why the Brightworks Group doesn’t approach IT like your ordinary IT services provider.

Brightworks utilizes cloud-based IT solutions to help our customers create a complete technology ecosystem: hardware, data storage, remote access, and data security. We work with our customers to understand and identify the unique demands they face and create packaged IT services that help deliver the exact digital transformation solution they need, without the extra services and expenses they don’t.

Cloud-based IT services can also help eliminate many burdensome technology-related expenses such as maintaining on-site infrastructure and servers and supporting internal IT staffing.

Brightworks partners with industry leaders in reliable, powerful, cloud-delivered, and completely managed solutions, digital transformation, and cloud transitioning offerings like Avatara, SKOUT, Datto, Mimecast, and others in order to provide our customers with the very best IT services for their business that maximize work efficiency and data security while minimizing your IT-related costs.



CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara, is the most secure, private cloud solution on the market that leverages remote computers, to allow companies to rethink the way they access and support their organization’s IT infrastructure.

SKOUT Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity, powered by SKOUT, is AI-monitored cybersecurity against email and data breaches enabled by machine learning to help ensure a secure work environment for employees and customers.


Backupworks, powered by Datto, is a data backup and recovery security measure to protect companies from devastating data loss caused by hardware failure, human error, malware/ransomware, or even natural causes.


CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara, helps businesses in heavily-regulated industries maintain compliance with crucial government regulations like HIPAA and CMMC by helping to shoulder the time and financial burden required to meet regulations and pass audits.

Cloud DDoS

Cloud DDoS protection, powered by Radware, offers adaptive, real-time protection from the most sophisticated web security threats such as web application and botnet attacks to help protect organizations against the risk of data loss.


Cyber resilience for email, powered by Mimecast, is a comprehensive email security measure, holding guard over your sensitive emails before an attack, helping maintain operations during an attempted attack, and automating recovery afterward.

GRM VisualVault

Content and document management, powered by VisualVault, provides a way out from under their overwhelming mounds of physical documents, enabling them to become digitized, stored, and accessed from the cloud to support more efficient workflow and remote sharing.


Nextiva is a streamlined business communication too that enables businesses to connect from anywhere with voice, text messaging, video conferencing, live chat, and email all in one platform.


API-based data security technology, powered by Nullafi, is an advanced data protection product that works alongside the technology many businesses already use to enhance their cyber defenses from unwanted intrusion, hacking, and data loss.


With Exigence on your side, your team’s reaction speed to crisis management will reach new heights allowing your organization to quickly and easily resolve critical incidents and get back to what you do best.

The Brightworks Group presents Verge-OS, powered by Rather than relying on expensive additional hardware, Verge-OS is seamlessly integrated and installed onto commodity hardware to create completely virtualized datacenters.

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