Rescue Your IT Productivity With Operations-as-a-Service

Nov 21, 2014 | Cloud, Our Industry

On any given workday—and often on weekends, holidays, and evenings too—your IT staff stays busy. Here’s what their To Do List looks like as they work strategically to make your business more profitable:

• Understand workflow for each employee, and develop ways that IT can make that person more efficient and effective at what they do for the company.
• Proactively solve problems so you never have unscheduled down-time or productivity loss.
• Cultivate understanding of the business and conform IT strategic plan and infrastructure to fit within the company’s unique goals, priorities, and budget.

Wait, that’s not what they do?

The fact is, when it comes to IT, the urgent has a tendency to override the important. Let us guess. Here’s what the IT team’s To Do list actually looks like:

• Put out fires.
• Fix broken things.
• Install patches and updates.
• Answer helpdesk tickets.
• Try to keep up with general maintenance.
• Put off strategic problems until tomorrow. (Or the next day, month, year…)

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can rescue your IT team with Operations-as-a-Service.

bwg_oaas_FINOperations-as-a-Service outsources the day-to-day IT functions that bog your IT staff down and keep them from really adding value to your company. Outsourcing to an operations-as-a-service firm like Brightworks Group frees up your IT team to work on the sort of strategic projects that save you money over the long run by preventing problems before they start and making sure that your IT infrastructure fits and enhances your business needs. An operations-as-a-service subscription helps you take advantage of the expertise you’re paying your IT staff for.

Don’t have an IT staff on board? No problem. Brightworks Group offers operations-as-a-service packages that include IT consulting and strategic projects.

No matter what your IT staff situation looks like, we guarantee that Operations-as-a-Service gives you the most bang for your IT buck. Call us to talk it over. You’ll be glad you did.