Put Out the IT Fires For Good

Oct 21, 2014 | Our Industry

In some contexts, you can’t beat a fire. Looking for date night ambiance? Build a fire. Nervous that wolves might crash your backyard campout? Build a fire. Craving s’mores, but know from experience that putting graham crackers in the microwave makes them all weird? Build a fire.

For all of fire’s many practical uses, your IT support program’s to do list is not the place for a blaze. You know what we mean. Most IT teams—outsourced or in-house—are whipsawed by the day-to-day. They spend all of their time on the problems of the moment, putting out fires (figuratively speaking, we hope) instead of focusing on the sort of projects that improve workflow, enhance productivity, and maximize your business potential.

There is a better way.

With an Operations-as-a-Service subscription, you outsource your IT support to a team with a vested interest in efficient, complete, individually tailored solutions. Without daily IT management issues crowding the schedule, your IT team can work more strategically. Don’t have an internal IT group? No problem. Brightworks Group Operations-as-a-Service subscriptions can include strategic projects and IT process consulting as well.

Put out your IT support fires for good with an Operations-as-a-Service subscription from Brightworks Group. Marshmallows aren’t included, but just about everything else is. You’ll like Human Focused IT—give us a call.