Operations as a Service

Mar 26, 2014 | Big Picture Technology, Cloud

These days, every company is a technology company. Software is eating the world. With very few exceptions, nearly every company today depends on technology to do business. Smart companies go even further and actively seek ways that technology can be used to improve their processes and products to become more effective, efficient, and profitable.

For most businesses, pulling that off is challenging and expensive. There’s a lot more to making technology work for you than buying it, and having someone fix it when it breaks. As the technology landscape grows more complex with cloud, virtualization, hosting, Software-as-a-Service and more being able to orchestrate it all becomes a lot more important.

You can’t do this successfully by just hiring an “IT guy.” A new role is emerging focused on more than just “support.” This new “Operations Manager” is concerned not just with keeping the existing infrastructure running. The OM is concerned with the application support, resource procurement, and provisioning of resources drawn from diverse sources. The OM needs to understand how your entire system functions. He needs to have the tools to not just monitor the environment, but to proactively anticipate fluctuations in demand, changes in how the business needs to use technology, and how to spot trends that might lead to problems before they become a crisis. The OM needs to be able to quickly reconstitute your entire technology environment and data when their is a crisis.

The person that can do this isn’t your garden variety “IT guy” that fixes your printer and restarts Outlook for you. And while you may need her, can you find or afford her?

That’s why we believe it’s time for Operations-as-a-Service. In the coming weeks we’ll be talking more about our prescription for simply and clearly priced, easy to use technology Operations Management for your business. Technology may be complex but it doesn’t have to be difficult.