Multi-Location Businesses

unifying multiple locations under one IT solution

Multi-location businesses have enough challenges with organization. Make IT one less problem.

Businesses with multiple locations enjoy an ability to cover multiple territories, whether it is several towns or several states. This obviously allows them to more easily reach a wider audience, serve a larger number of customers, and open up opportunities to increase their revenue.

However, multi-location businesses also have their share of headaches, one of the biggest among them being managing IT between locations. While locations are part of the same company, branches often have different technology needs and usage patterns. 

Different locations often have different software, use different remote access approaches, manage different compliance requirements, and operate with seperate IT departments. What this amounts to is unnecessary difficulty in sharing and accessing information as well as effectively communicating between branches.

Multiple location businesses need their individual IT departments to be highly coordinated, but the distances between them often makes it difficult to be constantly in sync, especially if one branch has a lesser skilled IT department. Different remote access approaches means information may indeed be secure at their respective location, but not having a consistent solution makes what should be easily shared data less than easy to access.   

Brightworks delivers IT services for multi-location businesses that require absolute synchronization, coordination, and the ability to safely and easily share information between locations with CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara, and our suite of other services

CompleteCloud is a single IT solution that is predictable, reliable, scalable, affordable, secure, and easy to adopt and implement across multiple locations without needing to add additional hardware or IT staffing. Encompassing all of your businesses locations under one IT infrastructure puts every branch on equal footing, allowing for seamless sharing, accessing, and improved security regardless of location.

Is Your Current IT System Meeting Your Budgetary Needs?

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CompleteCloud Streamlines Healthcare

Enabling Growth

Multiple locations often means growth for a business. As you continue to grow your current locations or add new ones, CompleteCloud will grow with you.

CompleteCloud pricing is based on the number of current users, so no extra charges for adding extra storage, servers or infrastructure.

Easy and Secure Sharing

CompleteCloud gives you and your staff access to any file, any place, any time, on any device, and in any location.

No more sharing between clunky VPNs and different datacenters, your organization’s efficiency will never be compromised due to inaccessibility, allowing for easier collaboration, faster response, and productivity through newfound flexibility without sacrificing security.


Stay Ahead of Compliance

Handling compliance internally between multiple locations that may require different standards can drain a business’ time and resources.

CompleteCloud moves your information on to a completely managed IT platform that isn’t just protected by multi-layered security measures but also kept up-to-date with the latest regulations and best practices.

24/7 Support

When you need help, we are there. CompleteCloud is backed by 24/7, 365 days of support. If you run into issues, you’ll work with someone who has a direct and intimate understanding of your business and each of your locations.

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