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Businesses in every industry rely on email to run their business. Email is one of the most heavily used business communication tools for internal and external communication, often containing sensitive and important information.

Unfortunately, email is the number one point of attack for cyber breaches. What’s worse, attackers are constantly evolving and adapting. Email and data breaches can be devastating, causing major disruptions to operations, complete loss of data and revenue loss.

The answer to email threat protection is a solution that is Adaptable, Flexible and Recoverable: Cyber Resilience for Email, powered by Mimecast. This comprehensive email security measures before an attack and maintains operations during an attempted attack and automates recover afterward.

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How Mimecast Email Security Works



Mimecast uses its unrivaled analysis to prevent email-borne attacks. Using third-party technology and constant assessments, this solution adapts with global threats through detection and remediation technology.

Mimecast stays on top of the newest threats and methods of infiltration while delivering user reports to help educate employees to be more aware and cautious.

Mimecast is compatible with Office 365, Exchange, G-Suite, and any combination, also making it adaptable with any office configuration.



Mimecast’s flexible security measures give your organization and employees control based on your needs. Employee controlled encryption, senders and quarantine measures provides an extra, flexible measure of security.

From there, all emails are sent and stored in the Mimecast cloud archives, accessible only through a secure portal. Your organization can quickly change who and when the sensitive information can be accessed internally or externally.


When threats to your email do occur, you can’t afford to go into lockdown and lose time and productivity. Following an attack, Mimecast point‐in‐time recovery allows operations to quickly return to normal.

Mimecast allows for the user and administration access to any email in a matter of seconds, even during an attack. So, any lost or locked files as a result of a breach are still readily available.

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