Meet Micheal Parker

Mar 11, 2020 | Employee Spotlight

Michael Parker - BrightworksMicheal Parker is a Senior Consultant for Brightworks, assisting in several areas of operations including supporting client relationships, aiding with a variety of projects, and handling customer questions.

Like most of the Brightworks team, Micheal’s position requires him to wear many hats, which he enjoys because of the variety of work he sees every day and helps him avoid having a “typical day.”

“It forces everyone to be kind of a jack-of-all-trades,” he said. “Which is a good thing for a small company like Brightworks. It gives everyone the ability to help with everything.”

One of his primary roles, however, includes helping our customers’ setup and migration to CompleteCloud, which has been a major focus for Brightworks since we began our partnership with Avatara. CompleteCloud has become one of Brightworks’ primary IT solution offerings, and Micheal is pretty happy about that.

CompleteCloud is incredible,” he said. “I really like the ability it gives our clients to work from anywhere. If there’s a power outage at the office, they don’t have to pack up and go home for the day anymore because their server is down. Now they can potentially access anything they need from home or even the coffee shop across the street.”

In addition to being a Senior Consultant, Micheal is Brightworks’ senior-most member. He has worked alongside founder Doug Miller for 8 years. Over that time, he has come to love the “always on” mentality and work style of Brightworks techs.

“It’s far from a normal nine to five,” he said. “We work from home a lot of the time, which means I’ll sometimes go six months without seeing Doug or anyone else. But that sort of allows us to always be on, in a way. If a server goes down at 3 am in the morning, we can tackle it. We really emphasize a proactive vs reactive response.”

Micheal’s interest in IT began much earlier than that, however. He claims that it was actually his grandmother that sparked his career path. A smart and forward-thinking woman, he said from a young age she encouraged him to consider a career in one of two fields she knew would have incredible potential for him someday: medicine or working with computers.

He took that spark and followed it to Purdue University where he studied computer technology, got his experience working with networks and handling migrations, and got his degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Now living in Indianapolis, Micheal still loves to make trips back up to West Lafayette whenever he can to visit old friends. When he does, you’ll likely find them over at Harry’s Chocolate Shop.

Growing up in both Indianapolis and Anderson, Micheal attended Anderson High School and Highland High School. He still gets up to Anderson several times a month to see family.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, with whom he has been married for nine years, and his two children. Micheal and his wife are huge movie buffs, so you’ll likely find him and his wife having a quiet night in with movies on the weekends.

He is also Brightworks’ seemingly only “sports guy” and a big fan of the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, and whoever LeBron James is playing for. So, when you see him be sure to indulge him in a little sports talk.

Micheal is just one of the many incredible people behind the Brightworks name. Want to learn more about how he and the rest of the Brightworks team can improve your IT?