Meet Lexi Taylor

Nov 12, 2020 | Employee Spotlight

Lexi Taylor is Brightworks Groups's lead sales personAs the Brightworks Group’s lead sales rep, Lexi Taylor works alongside Brightworks’ owner Doug Miller. Lexi is in charge of meeting with new prospects to help them find a solution to their IT troubles through CompleteCloud and the many other digital transformation and cloud-based technology solutions we offer.

Lexi came to Brightworks from Konica Minolta where she specialized in healthcare IT solutions, working with healthcare specialists to find and implement ways to make their lives easier in order to provide the best possible care to their patients.

Lexi says the sometimes hectic world that sales can be is made much easier when you are representing and selling a product you believe in and know will genuinely make life better for your customers and the people they serve. This is one of the biggest reasons behind Lexi’s passion for IT sales.

The other is her genuine enjoyment of making connections, learning people’s stories, and working together to find the best solutions to their pain points. 

This passion started, funnily enough, at a sales position in her pre-college days at a Sunglass Hut! Initially starting as a job to make a little money for school, Lexi took an immediate interest in sales, discovering quickly how much she enjoyed it and excelled at it. Before too long, Lexi was one of the top supervisors and salespeople in the region and used it as inspiration to pursue a career in sales.

She made such a strong connection with her customers, in fact, that to this day Lexi says she still has old contacts from her Sunglass Hut days call her up for recommendations and advice when it is time for them to purchase a new pair of sunglasses.    

Born and raised in Granger, Indiana, Lexi attended Ball State University where she earned her degree in Professional Sales. After graduation, Lexi welcomed her son into the world and took some time off work to raise and care for her newborn baby boy.

After a few years in the Muncie area, Lexi and her son recently moved to the Westfield area when she began at Brightworks. Lexi says moving with a two-year-old in the middle of the pandemic was about as fun as you may imagine it to be.

When she isn’t working, Lexi is an avid baking fan with quite a bit of skill in the kitchen. Getting inspiration from shows like The Great British Bake Off and Zumbo’s Just Desserts, Lexi loves baking elaborate treats like pastries, French patisseries, and devil’s food cake cupcakes with espresso buttercream frosting. That is when she has the time for it! With a two-year-old helping in the kitchen, most of her treats are pretty simple nowadays.

Lexi loves to be in the kitchen but is far from a homebody. She also loves being active and enjoys outdoor activities like wakeboarding and longboarding. Lexi even has bragging rights as one of the youngest people ever to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, doing so at age 13 during a trip with her father and family friends.

Lexi Taylor is just one of the many incredible people at Brightworks. Want to learn more about how she and the rest of the Brightworks team can improve your IT? Let’s chat.