a cost-effective and reliable manufacturing IT solution for production facilities.

When every second counts, can you depend on your manufacturing IT to keep production moving?

As manufacturing methods rely more and more on automation, IT outages and setbacks become more and more crippling for production lines. Your customers are relying on timely production, and time spent resolving tech issues is time spent losing money as well as their trust because of halted production.

Manufacturers also need to pay close attention to the bottom line. With so many pieces of equipment necessary to keep up production, the thought of heaping on more capital costs for IT-related equipment can be a major hassle.

Manufacturers need an IT solution that is designed with them in mind. A solution that is responsive, preventative, and proactive against outages and downtime – not reactive.

Brightworks’ CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara, delivers manufacturers a hassle-free and cost-effective IT solution with a reliable performance that will eliminate prolonged downtime forcing production to stop at a cost that will improve your bottom line.

With CompleteCloud, your IT becomes a utility, supported and scaled at a flat, projectable cost.

KEMCO Case Study

“Our IT just works, it is reliable and secure and allows us to run our business effectively. I am a financially driven business owner and I have done cost comparisons 4-5 times over the last seven years; I cannot find a more cost-effective solution.”

-Rick Zimmerman, Kemco CEO

CompleteCloud Powers Production

Just-In-Time IT

As so many manufacturing facilities embrace Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing, think of CompleteCloud as JIT IT.

No matter your internal operations or performance goals, CompleteCloud can support them and is tailor-made for your unique work environment.

If you do run into any bumps along the way you’ll receive continuous, 24/7 support from our staff, ready at a moment’s notice to quickly resolve any issue – what you need, when you need it.

Bottom Line Friendly

CompleteCloud helps keep manufacturer’s expenses down by turning IT into a utility and eliminating your investment in new equipment and the need for reoccurring expenses from updating equipment.

CompleteCloud pricing is also based on the number of current users, so no extra charges for adding extra storage, servers, or infrastructure.

This completely projectable monthly pricing gives you the confidence of knowing exactly what you’re spending on your IT and takes the pressure off your bottom line.

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