Long-term ROI

Oct 14, 2014 | Uncategorized

Does Your IT Support Have Skin in the Game?
Most IT support looks alike: patches, fixes, help desk tickets, long-term contracts. Is there any incentive to solve problems at the root quickly, the first time? Not really. How about to provide individual IT solutions? Probably not.

You don’t have to play that game.
Human Focused IT frames IT support and IT services according to a radically different model. Brightworks Group Operations-as-a-Service teams have skin in the game. We build our business by consistently delivering the complete, individualized solutions and incredible customer service that build your ROI and keep you renewing your monthly subscription with us. Here’s how it works.

One Monthly Fee Per Person + No Overages of Any Kind = Motivated IT Team
Rather than fixing the same thing over and over again, our model incentives our teams to solve root problems quickly and permanently, to get out in front of issues, and develop efficient and effective practices. Because we’re committed to spend as long as it takes for the same flat fee, it makes sense to bring our A-game to every situation.

Human Focus = Unique Solutions + Enhanced Workflow
Since we base our structure around individual employees, our model forces us to think through each person’s role and business practices to find out how IT can help, rather than hinder, productivity. When we develop proactive individual solutions, your ROI goes way up, and our business stays healthy. Everybody wins.

Month-to-Month Subscription = Exceptional Customer Service + Results
If at any point you’re not happy with us, you can cut us loose. No harm, no foul, no fee. Your marginal cost for trying a Brightworks Group monthly IT services subscription [link to OaaS web page] is zero. And that month-to-month evaluation means our teams really hustle to provide measurable results and wildly amazing customer service so that we can stay in business. Our business wins when your business wins.

If you’re looking for long-term ROI from your IT support, choose an IT provider with skin in the game. Get the play-by-play from Brightworks Group.