complete managed IT services.

Technology may run your business, but you’re not in the business of running technology. Let us help.

Trying to build your own in-house IT staff with the skills, knowledge, and experience to do everything you need to operate your business at the highest level it needs to be is expensive, difficult, and can often be ineffective in delivering the results your company needs. For many businesses, this simply isn’t an option in order to provide the best service and accommodate the most effective internal and external communication and data sharing. 

Brightworks’ ITWorks was designed to solve these problems and deliver businesses just like you the IT solution they deserve. ITWorks delivers predictable information technology results for small to medium-sized businesses, ideal for organizations supporting 20 to 50 employees. More than just a help desk for your IT, ITWorks’ technology success process is built around your organization’s needs.

This is no cookie-cutter IT solution. Through our onboarding processes, we develop a strategy unique to you and your business designed to address current problems and deficiencies, bring your technology up to standards to meet our more-than-200 best industry practices. This will ensure your operations will be supported by a dependable, secure, IT infrastructure configured exclusively for you and put systems in place that can scale with your business as you grow so you can deliver the best results no matter where your business goes next.


The Focus of ITWorks

The power of ITWorks comes with our focuses on preventing problems rather than reacting to them as they occur. Brightworks Group continually evaluates your business technology against best practices and standards built around your desired business outcomes. Your Brightworks team is also available at a moment’s notice should technological bumps in the road occur, minimizing downtime and interruptions.

Through ITWorks, Brightworks will take point on your IT staffing, making purchasing decisions, dealing with vendors and worrying about upgrades to your equipment and software. Let us handle the complicated stuff so you can focus on your business.

What ITWorks Delivers:

1. Managed Service Desk
ITWorks offers unlimited business hours server desktop, laptop, printer, and mobile device technical support, with unmatched responsiveness and personalized attention. We’ll handle support and coordination with your various technology vendors to help keep you focuses on business, not your tech. And, should any problems arise along the way your team at Brightworks is just a phone call away 24/7.

2. Centralized IT Services
Comprehensive system monitoring, security, maintenance, and proactive checks to your network, server, desktops and laptops, anti-virus software, and regular patches and updates to your technology keeps you up-to-date and stops problems before they happen. ITWorks is the premium proactive IT solution for eliminating downtime and keeping you on track.

3. Technical Alignment Services
Your technology and organization is regularly evaluated by our monthly reviews of your environment by a designated Technical Alignment Engineer backed by over 200 standards and best practices and a comprehensive, dedicated IT documentation system. These reports will identify potential issues and deficiencies with your technology or process to eliminate problems before they start and keep your business on the best path to success.

What It Means

With Brightworks Group’s ITWorks managed services you get fewer support requests, less staff downtime, better network security, and a whole lot of peace of mind. ITWorks is the result of years of industry experience in what it takes to run IT successfully for today’s companies.

ITWorks is also low risk for your company. Our agreements run month-to-month, so you’re never more than 30 days from canceling. Our pricing is based on the number of your staff being supported and the overall cost adjusts each month based on your actual headcount. You only pay for the people actually working in your business – no long-term pricing or commitments. We’ll earn your business every month.

Let’s face it: all IT service providers tell you that they are the best. We can prove it. We have the metrics. You need your technology to help your business, and Brightworks can make that happen.

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