ITWorks Small Business

a dependable and comprehensive IT solution for growing businesses

Having an IT infrastructure that you can rely on…

to keep your employees connected and deliver the best service and results to your customers is important for any business. But, for smaller firms, start-ups, or growing businesses it’s not just important, it is vital to your success.

The challenge most small businesses face with their IT, however, is the lack of time, manpower, and resources required to both staff and maintain in-house IT. Technology may run your business, but you’re not in the business of running technology.

Brightworks’ ITWorks Small Business offering was designed to solve the IT problems small businesses just like you face every day. As a slightly scaled-down version of our ITWorks package, ITWorks Small Business is an entry-level IT offering, designed with smaller and newer organizations that haven’t yet evolved complex IT needs, but still require a dependable, secure, IT infrastructure. 

Ideal for any business that needs to support 1 to 25 computers, ITWorks Small Business offers an affordable, low-risk, dependable, proactive, and non-invasive off-site IT solution that will help your business achieve fewer support requests, less staff downtime because of tech issues, better network security, and a whole lot of peace of mind so you can focus on growing your organization.

What ITWorks Small Business Delivers

Preventative Security Management

ITWorks Small Business is more than just an IT help desk. Our focus is on a process that prevents problems by continually evaluating your business technology against best practices and standards built around your desired business outcomes, rather than waiting for something to break and then fixing it. 

This includes proactive strategies such as regular health and performance monitoring for your server, laptop and computers, network, anti-virus software, regular software patching and updates, monitored alert and alarm investigation and resolution, and more.

Technical Alignment & Analytics

With ITWorks Small Business, your technology and usage are regularly evaluated against our list of 200 best practices and standards for businesses like you through our Technical Alignment report.

Reviewed each quarter in a standard meeting, this report reviews your environment to evaluate alignment to ensure your operations, as well as our support, is up to the highest and regularly practiced standards.

This regular review ensures that we are able to identify and eliminate technology problems before they happen as well as advise on any adjustments that will help avoid future problems, risks, or deficiencies within your organization.


Unlimited 24/7 Support

While we plan to meet and review your operations once a quarter, that doesn’t mean that is the only time you can talk to us!

ITWorks Small Business offers unlimited remote support to quickly and efficiently address any technical issues that may arise. Brightworks support is just a phone call away.


A la carte Add-On Services

Need a little bit more than ITWorks Small Business has to offer? No problem. Brightworks Group can provide additional services at your discretion including: 

  • Onsite support 
  • Mimecast Email Security/Archiving/Encryption
  • Office365 email & office suite
  • KnowBe4 Cybersecurity Training
  • DarkCubed Automated Security Monitoring
  • BackupWorks Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Backupify SaaS Backup

ITWorks Small Business agreements run month-to-month, with pricing based on the number of your staff being supported and the overall cost adjusts each month based on your actual headcount, making it a solution financially tailored towards your business.

Flexible agreements also allow us to help meet your ever-expanding needs as your organization continues to expand. As your business grows, you can add and remove additional services and even graduate to Brightworks Group’s more comprehensive ITWorks service when the time is right.

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