Meet Ian Miller

Feb 17, 2020 | Employee Spotlight

Ian Miller of Brightworks ITBrightworks rethinks IT by putting service first. It starts at the top with our owner Doug Miller and goes all the way through the rest of the Brightworks family, figuratively and literally. Take Ian Miller as a prime example.

Ian is one of Brightworks’ Operations Engineers and Help Desk Manager, making him the frontline of dealing with support tickets submitted by our customers.

Working with Jayson Conley and the rest of the operations team, Ian and the team aid customers with their tech needs on anything from onboarding new hires, server migrations, to any technical questions or issues that come up.

When the ticket comes in, Ian first determines who is best positioned to handle the customer’s needs, whether it is himself or one of the other operations engineers. Then he gets to work. His role is a combination of both the “behind the scenes” technical work and direct customer support and interactions.

Growing up as the son of Brightworks founder Doug, Ian always had an interest in IT. He joined his father’s business on a part-time basis around 8 years ago without any previous official IT experience outside of what he learned from Doug over the years.

However, starting straight out young at the age of 18 and straight out of school, Ian had to work a little harder to ensure he could earn the trust of his customers, making him place a high importance on his customer service.

“Taking on clients who are coming off long-standing previous relationships only to see an 18-year-old, it could be jarring,” Ian said. “But people didn’t expect the level of service we provided.”

Since then, Ian has expanded upon his IT expertise and used his service skills to settle into his dual role full time – allowing him to fully embrace the two aspects of his job he enjoys the most.

“Growing up with my dad and being around somewhat of a ‘family business’, I always had an interest in the technical stuff,” he said. “But helping people with their technological success has always been most important to me. I guess I just didn’t inherit any of the bad habits you sometimes see with other IT service people. We like being different when it comes to service.”

Ian grew up on the northside of Indianapolis, attending Carmel High School and Ivy Tech briefly before joining Brightworks. Ian and his wife are recently married, just bought a house with two dogs and have a baby on the way, which makes grandpa-to-be Doug very happy.

When he isn’t working, Ian spends most of his free time with his wife with whom he enjoys cooking and baking with, seeing his family, and playing video games.

Ian is just one of the many incredible people behind the Brightworks name. Want to learn more about how he and the rest of the Brightworks team can improve your IT?


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