The No-Hype Approach to Cloud File Storage

Nov 13, 2014 | Cloud

From the media hype, it sounds like every small business is ditching aging file servers in favor of Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive. Should you join them?

Cloud storage is the IT equivalent of a hipster wearing a weird-fitting shirt and retro glasses. It seems kind of cool, although you can’t put your finger on why. But when it comes to fashion or IT trends, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Before you pull the trigger on skinny jeans or cloud storage, it’s wise to do some analysis of your size and shape.

Find out if cloud storage actually fits your company.

As a Chicago and Indianapolis IT support firm, Brightworks Group provides ongoing data-driven analysis of how your IT fits your business needs, so we can give you facts rather than hype. You can make an informed decision about replacing your file servers with the cloud.

• We look at individual workflows and the way you actually do business to find ways that IT can enhance your productivity and profitability—and suggest the right mix of traditional and cloud-based solutions for your unique needs.

• We evaluate your true IT costs over time. What does that file server actually cost your business? Would Microsoft One Drive or Google Drive actually save you money? Our analysis goes beyond initial capital investment to consider things like maintenance, security, and productivity.

• We keep an eye on the future. Brightworks IT support evaluates trends—both in your industry and in IT—so we can help your business make growth-oriented decisions without the hype.

Choose the cloud storage service that really meets your needs.

Deciding to trade your file servers for cloud storage is only the beginning. How do you choose between options like Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Box, or other services?

When Brightworks Group handles your IT support, you don’t have to worry about it. We help you think through your security requirements, how you use your content, and how your file use fits with your other business applications and software so you can choose Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, or another cloud storage option that makes the most sense for your business—both operationally and financially.

We can’t weigh in on your wardrobe choices (that would be awkward) but if you need expert advice to cut through the hype about cloud storage, contact Brightworks Group for help.