a complete IT solution for healthcare providers.

Your Patients Rely on You.
Can You Rely on Your IT?

Medical professionals and healthcare providers face a unique set of demands. Patient records and information needs to be able to be accessed and shared at a moment’s notice in order to best serve them. These sensitive files also need to be secure to protect patient privacy and to meet HIPAA guidelines.

Your information technology also needs to be flexible and scalable to meet the ever-changing needs and size of your staff.

Mobile, Secure and Flexible: Brightworks’ CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara, was developed to meet all of the healthcare industry’s unique demands and streamline the practices it is utilized in. CompleteCloud turns your IT into a utility, providing mobility, security, and flexibility to your IT for a flat, projectable cost.

The Ideal IT Solution for Healthcare Practices.

Data security is a primary concern for those in the healthcare industry, which is why CompleteCloud was built with security in mind. See how CompleteCloud has helped protect patient data and meet necessary HIPAA guidelines.

CompleteCloud Streamlines Healthcare


Healthcare providers are always on the move. With a more mobile IT solution, patient files and records can be shared and viewed in an instant.

Files and records can also be accessed on any device, inside or outside the clinic or office.

This allows for better and faster collaboration between doctors, departments and even clinics in order to provide the best care possible.



HIPAA compliance and guidelines make confidentiality one of the most important concerns in the healthcare industry.

With industry records becoming more and more digital, information is at a greater risk of ransomware and data breaches than ever.

CompleteCloud’s HIPAA compliant solution doesn’t store any files locally on network devices and protects it all behind physical and virtual multi-factor authentication.


Accommodating a changing staff by adding, removing, upgrading and changing users, storage, servers, infrastructure and hardware with CompleteCloud is simple and budget-friendly.

CompleteCloud pricing is based on the number of current users, so no extra charges for adding extra storage, servers or infrastructure.

This completely projectable monthly pricing gives you the confidence of knowing exactly what you’re spending on your IT.

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