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Financial services IT security and peace of mind.

Your clients trust you with their money.
Can you trust your IT to protect it?

With the financial information of their clients in their hands, few businesses are at as great of risk by data breaches than financial service providers. These all-too-common data breaches can devastate not only your business but the financial well-being of your customers. With money on the line, important decisions also need to be made on the fly. A few seconds can make a huge difference when it means losing hundreds or thousands of a client’s hard-earned money.

The only thing standing in the way of a cyber-attack and making moment’s notice decisions is a fast, responsive and secure IT system. The IT system that a financial service provider chooses to entrust their business operations with needs to be rock solid. It must be able to protect clients’ sensitive information while delivering fast and efficient results so that they can provide those clients with the best service possible.

Brightworks’ CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara, delivers the security and efficiency financial services providers depend on from their IT. CompleteCloud turns your IT into a utility, pro

Fortune Bank Case Study

Every bank and financial institution across the country has security and auditing concerns, FortuneBank was no different. They needed a way to increase their cybersecurity while continuing to remain compliant with FDIC standards along with passing their annual audits. By moving to “The Most Secure Private Cloud in the Country” they were able to increase their security.

IT Security and Compliance for Financial Services Company

There are strict rules regarding the security and integrity of IT infrastructure enforced by the SEC and the financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) that companies in the field must comply with. Not only it is important because of the need to pass audits; any possible cyber security incident could potentially cost millions of dollars and seriously harm the company’s reputation. Download the case study to find out how the Brightworks’ IT Solutions helped Valeo Financial Advisors grow, improve, and check all the compliance boxes.

CompleteCloud Secures Financial Services



Cybersecurity financial service providers are at CompleteCloud’s core.

CompleteCloud’s industry-compliant solution to information security doesn’t store any files locally on network devices and protects it all behind physical and virtual multi-factor authentication, keeping you and your clients’ data protected from physical and virtual attacks.

Security against malicious attacks isn’t the only protection CompleteCloud offers. This comprehensive IT solution provides optimal disaster recovery for all your information, getting you back up and running quickly in the wake of any kind of disaster.



Providing your clients with the best service requires taking immediate actions and providing support anytime, anywhere. CompleteCloud is backed by that same kind of support. You’ll receive continuous, 24/7 support from our staff, ready at a moment’s notice to quickly resolve any issue.

CompleteCloud also supports your business’ ever-changing needs and growth. This is an IT solution that is truly adaptable.

Pricing is based on the number of current users, so no extra charges for adding extra storage, servers or infrastructure. This completely projectable monthly pricing gives you the confidence of knowing exactly what you’re spending on your IT.

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