Critical Incident Management

Act swiftly and effectively to overcome any incident with Exigence.

Critical incidents can, and often do, occur when you least expect them.

While some crises are easily managed and a minor annoyance, an incident that threatens to impact your business production systems, customer applications, customer information, or your business’ IT infrastructures like a data breach, cyber-attack, or system failure are an entirely different threat.

More than a headache to deal with, these kinds of critical incidents threaten the integrity of your operations, the security of the secure company and customer data, communication, and even cost you greatly in terms of reputation and potential sales. After all, time spent chasing solutions is time not being spent talking with prospects or working with customers.

When critical incidents like these occur, your business can’t afford to sit idly by as your business, workforce, and customers suffer while you wait for a solution to drop into your lap. Critical incidents require a swift and effective incident management response.

To help you and your company deal with these critical incidents Brightworks Group partners with Exigence. Exigence is a crisis management platform that enables companies to act quickly, gain command, control, and resolve critical incidents with clarity, structure, and speed.

Accessible to all users anywhere on any device, Exigence puts you in control of your critical incident management with a program that automates every aspect of your team’s incident recovery workflow, from the initial trigger to an incident post-mortem, while easily integrating with all your crucial systems.

With Exigence on your side, your team’s reaction speed to crisis management will reach new heights allowing your organization to quickly and easily resolve critical incidents and get back to what you do best.

Want to see Exigence in action? See how they were able to help McGraw Hill with their critical incident management in this case study.

How Exigence Works

Once a critical incident emerges, Exigence automatically springs into action to help you to quickly coordinate with your team and control the crisis. Since Exigence integrates with your various internal systems such as email and communication tools like Slack, Teams, and conference bridges everyone has the ability to become alerted to the incident the moment it is identified.

From there, Exigence will automatically onboard and bring your entire team up to speed and assign roles for your response team based on their abilities and results of similar incidents in the past as well as Exigence-created table-top simulations designed to test your team. Along with roles, Exigence will establish a timeline and automate the incident orchestration process.

After the incident has been managed, Exigence will follow up with an automated report and analysis to help build knowledge and preparation for future incidents.

Exigence Critical Incident Management for Your Business

Risk Reduction

Integrate Exigence with your internal systems to reduce the risk of getting caught off guard or reacting too slowly to critical incidents as they occur.


Faster Resolution

With Exigence as your incident management conductor, your team can quickly act upon the automated response plan and resolve the crisis rapidly.

Enhanced Learning

The post-mortem reporting provided by Exigence will help increase your organization’s preparedness and reaction time for future incidents or help you avoid them altogether.

Increased Accountability

Table-top simulations, improved communication ability throughout the process, regular updates, and automated timelines all help keep everyone on the same page.

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