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Your IT can empower you to great things.
Does yours just work or work for you?

Those in the engineering and architecture industry know the value of their technology when it comes to planning and utilizing CAD software. Updates to virtual schematics and blueprints need to be updated quickly, often remotely, and also need to be shared among coworkers and clients.

Without a fast, efficient and dependable IT system your ability to design, create, collaborate and solve problems for your customers is greatly limited and projects can grind to a halt.

Brightworks’ CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara, delivers businesses in the engineering and architecture industry a hassle-free IT solution with cutting-edge performance and data storage that streamlines the creative process and enabling seamless collaboration with your peers and customers.

With CompleteCloud, your IT becomes a utility, supported and scaled at a flat, projectable cost.

Schneider Case Study

Learn how Brightworks’ CompleteCloud implementation for Scheider Geomatics helped them thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CompleteCloud Empowers Engineering


Your IT needs to be able to make your job and your life easier, not make it harder. CompleteCloud was designed with unique software requirements in mind. And unlike other IT solutions, we can take your CAD to the cloud.

CompleteCloud provides a datacenter-based computer solution with an AutoCAD or Solidworks certified graphics card, fully capable of working seamlessly and quickly processing the design applications you need to do your job.

Data Storage

Your team needs a lot of data to solve your customers’ unique problems. The last thing you should worry about is running out of storage or worse missing out on projects due to data storage limitations.

CompleteCloud provides users with unlimited storage in our data centers. With these data centers, there is no more need for worrying about keeping hold of past project data, bringing on new data and running into strenuous storage demands.


Collaboration among your team and customers is key to success. Engineers, architects, and designers of all kinds need to be able to share files and data quickly, easily and from wherever they may be. Your IT solution needs to support this.

CompleteCloud offers quick and easy file sharing across all the devices you use in the office, on site or on the road. Make and share real-time changes to designs and files to maximize your efficiency and workflow and productivity.

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