a reliable IT solution that enables a streamlined distribution process.

Is your IT infrastructure helping you meet tight customer deadlines – or holding you back?

There aren’t many industries with as many moving pieces as distribution. From coordinating with multiple facilities, optimizing internal processes, managing your own facility, and meeting your customer’s tight deadlines – even one small hiccup along the way can totally disrupt efficiency and workflow.

In a field as reliant on automation as distribution, unreliable IT is a common cause of these problems – from outages causing facility shutdowns to communication errors with facilities, workforce, or retailers.

Brightworks’ CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara, empowers efficiency for distributors by providing a reliable and scalable IT infrastructure that is suited to meet the needs and accommodate the many movie pieces necessary to do their job.

CompleteCloud turns distribution IT into a utility, providing mobility, security, and flexibility with less equipment and personnel to worry about – leaving you with IT for a flat, projectable cost.

Is Your Current IT System Meeting Your Budgetary Needs?

Our Monthly IT Budget Calculator can give you the cold, hard facts about
your current IT budget and where you are spending too much.

CompleteCloud Simplifies Distribution



As your needs grow and change, CompleteCloud will change with you. CompleteCloud’s umbrella approach to IT puts every location under one network, making managing or adding new facilities for distribution painless.

And best of all, CompleteCloud pricing is based on the number of current users, so no extra charges for the changes you need to make the business run smoother like adding extra storage, servers, or infrastructure.



Your workforce is constantly on the move. Unreliable IT can mean unreliable communication with retailers, your mobile workforce, and all other locations.

CompleteCloud keeps you in touch with those you rely on, enabling communication, collaboration, and information sharing with anyone in the network anywhere, any time.

Staffless IT

A move towards automation for distribution facilities has lowered staffing requirements. CompleteCloud does the same for your IT staffing.

No extra equipment and no internal IT staff means a lower upfront and over time investment. But if issues do arise, you’ll have the backing of our support staff 24/7 ready to answer your questions.

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