an all-inclusive IT platform for dermatology practices

As the demands of dermatologists change, they need the right technology to support them.

Like many other medical fields, dermatology practices are facing a world with always-changing needs. Practices across the board are all dealing with the transition of all patient documents and files from paper to the cloud and electric formats in order to more efficiently access information and care for their patients.

However, the transition to dermatology practices embracing electronic files and storage comes with its own complications and challenges. Increasingly complex HIPAA compliance regulations and harsh penalties for noncompliance necessitate the need for medical practices to be more secure and diligent with data than ever. Without a secure IT platform supporting them, the threat of secure data falling into the wrong hands and threatening compliance is a very real concern.

Brightworks’ CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara, offers a comprehensive dermatology IT solution that supports the unique and crucial need for practices to stay HIPAA compliant and protect sensitive data.

The CompleteCloud IT platform also supports the budgetary restrictions that many small to medium sized practices also have to keep in mind as they plan their expenses. All equipment and technology management is included at one simple and scalable price that helps keep monthly IT expenses predictable and projectable.

Dermatologists need to focus on their patients, not on their technology. Brightworks’ CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara, is a dermatology IT solution that empowers practices to focus on caring for those in need, not jumping through hoops to maintain compliance putting out technological fires.


CompleteCloud Offers Unparalleled Compliance Support


CompleteCloud’s value to dermatology practices lies in its ability to help them keep up with complex compliance requirements and keep information secure. This managed IT platform isn’t just protected by multi-layered security measures but also kept up-to-date with the latest regulations. 

With each change to standards and regulations, CompleteCloud changes its internal practices, removing the burden of complex decisions your practice needs to make or out-of-nowhere IT expenses to stay compliant.

The CompleteCloud solution also offers quarterly compliance reporting, taking the report process off your plate and keeping you prepared for audits whenever they may come.



CompleteCloud is an IT platform that promotes dermatology practice growth, not stifling it with hidden fees and charges that change every time you turn around. 

Updating your technological needs when you add, remove, upgrade or change users, storage, servers, infrastructure, or hardware is kept simple and budget-friendly.

CompleteCloud pricing is based on the number of current users, so no extra charges for adding extra storage, servers or infrastructure. This projectable monthly pricing gives you the assurance of knowing exactly what you are spending and what you are spending it on each and every month with no surprises

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