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Buried under compliance regulations?

Maintaining compliance with government regulations like CMMC, HIPAA, DFARS, and NIST has increasingly become a time and financial burden for highly-regulated industries. As the world continues to change, so do regulations, leading to stricter and more thorough security checks. Organizations that fail to comply can face serious fines, penalties, and even devastating lawsuits.

In order to effectively stay compliant, internal data centers need to be certified and secure, thorough reports for auditors to be regularly generated, and you and your team need to be able to keep a constant finger on the pulse of complex regulatory changes. The problem is, the time, manpower, and expenses it takes for a small or medium-sized business to tackle compliance themselves is often overwhelming, particularly when it comes to matters of IT.

Regulatory compliance is important, so why put yourself at the disadvantage of trying to do it internally? Brightworks Group offers business owners a comprehensive IT solution to staying compliant with CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara.

Are you concerned about CMMC? You should be.

CompleteCloud is an entire IT platform designed from the ground up with security and compliance for small to medium-sized businesses in mind. As regulations increase, those handling compliance internally will have no choice but to continue to invest more money and resources ensuring their IT environment is up to standards.

By moving your organization’s IT to CompleteCloud, you move your information on to a completely managed IT platform that isn’t just protected by multi-layered security measures but also kept up-to-date with the latest regulations. As standards and regulations continue to change, CompleteCloud stays up-to-date with no complex decisions for you to make about technology or unexpected IT expenses to stay compliant.

CompleteCloud also offers quarterly compliance reporting support to help streamline your audit processes to take the responsibility off of your busy plate and ensure your organization won’t be caught flat-footed and unprepared by audits.

No more struggling to understand and implement new standards. No more time spent compiling reports for audits. No more issues staffing an internal compliance team. Switching your IT platform to Brightworks’ CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara takes the stress, financial strain, and risks that are of consequence for failing standards off of your shoulders, so you can better manage your business.

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