digital transformation & predictable IT results delivered by Brightworks’ CompleteCloud.

Digital Transformation of IT in an ever-changing world.

When you think about IT, what comes to mind? A guy in your office that only pops his head up to fix your computer when it crashes or to install a new piece of software, perhaps? In a world that constantly pushes the demands of what your IT needs to accomplish, this model doesn’t cut it.

It is time to rethink IT and start thinking about the digital transformation of your entire IT infrastructure. That’s why Brightworks presents CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara. CompleteCloud turns your IT into a utility and provides a complete IT infrastructure, from the data center to each and every employee’s desk.

CompleteCloud delivers one three key aspects of digital transformation:

  • Providing the highest level of protection and security for your data,
  • Enabling employee productivity, and
  • Bringing predictability to your IT

Installing, upgrading, and expanding your hardware and software as well as the management, storage, and protection of your data and files are all covered in a single, consistent monthly fee all backed by 24/7 support. Cloud transition of your IT infrastructure enables you not only to manage your IT expenses more easily but also to empower your team to be able to work safely and securely from anywhere.

Is Your Current IT System Meeting Your Budgetary Needs?

Our Monthly IT Budget Calculator can give you the cold, hard facts about
your current IT budget and where you are spending too much.

With CompleteCloud, your data security and technological issues are handled proactively, not reactively. By eliminating downtime caused by security breaches or IT problems, you and your team and stay focused on productivity towards business, not running around putting out computer problems. For those who work in organizations that are held to rigid compliance regulations, such as DoD contractors, CompleteCloud helps you stay compliant with important regulations such as CMMC, HIPAA, DFARS, and NIST.

CompleteCloud is a complete digital transformation and cloud transition solution, turning your IT into a single, projectable, consistent monthly cost that’s predictable, reliable, scalable, affordable, and secure so you can focus on what matters.

CompleteCloud Coverage

Hardware and Software

With CompleteCloud, your IT hardware and software – including desktops, laptops, servers, LAN equipment, computer monitors and core Microsoft software licensing – are all included at no additional cost.

Your technology and equipment can grow and change as your organization does. Need servers added, wireless coverage increased, or equipment replaced?

Your rate will never change, and you’ll never see an additional charge, whether the upgrades take 10 minutes or 10 hours to finish.

Your costs are tied directly to how many employees you have and change as your employee count changes.


Work doesn’t always take place in the office. CompleteCloud gives you and your staff access any file, any place, any time and on any device.

No longer restricted by clunky VPNs, you can conduct business in the office, in a coffee shop, at home or in a client’s office on your smartphone, desktop, tablet or laptop without missing a beat.

With more mobile IT, your organization’s efficiency will never be compromised due to inaccessibility.

Mobility allows for easier collaboration, faster response and greater employee engagement and productivity through newfound flexibility and independence. Multi-Factor Authentication also ensures security is not sacrificed.


You have enough on your plate, let Brightworks and the CompleteCloud handle unnecessary IT distractions.

The CompleteCloud utility service model puts us in charge of payment and management of your internet-related bills. In many cases, we can even upgrade your service for better and faster internet.

We will also manage and provide vendor support for business line applications. Delivering predictable and hassle-free IT is the core of CompleteCloud, letting you focus on your business and leaving the rest to us.

Managed Security

The digitalization of data and files has left businesses more vulnerable to data breaches than ever. That’s why CompleteCloud was built from the ground up with security in mind.

Your organization’s data is stored in its own private cloud and your servers sit in their own private domain behind its own firewall. Your data will never share space with anyone else’s.

On top of the virtual space, your data’s physical security is covered as well.

Our data centers feature multi-layered physical and digital security measures including video surveillance, 24/7 security guards, and biometric scanners monitoring your data center space.


When you need help, we are there. CompleteCloud is backed by 24/7, 365 days of support. When you pick up the phone, your call stays inside the United States and you’ll be talking to a real human being.

You also won’t have to worry about jumping through hoops to find the support you need.

The voice on the other end of the line will be an IT technician, ready and able to immediately work through your problem or immediately arrange on-site support. 

Our streamlined approach to supporting increases efficiency and minimizes downtime within your organization when problems arise. Don’t spend your day on hold, let our team allow you to get back to work.

Disaster Recovery

Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, backup failures, hard drive corruptions, and ransomware attacks are just a few of the disaster businesses can face, and usually without notice.

When these kinds of disasters strike, you will have enough to worry about getting back on your feet and back to business – you shouldn’t have to worry about the condition of your data and equipment.

CompleteCloud disaster recovery covers the replacement and installation of any damaged or destroyed hardware and cloud-based technology ensures that your data will not be lost.

With your data and equipment covered, you can focus on the rest.

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