CMMC Compliance

CompleteCloud helps DoD contractors with CMMC

What is CMMC?

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a security standard that the Department of Defense contractors cannot afford to overlook. Put in place to ensure DoD contractors have appropriate security measures in place for their information systems, CMMC builds upon many familiar security compliance standards from NIST and DFARS. 

Based on the amount of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), applications of CMMC standards and requirements for compliance will vary from organization to organization across a five-tiered spectrum ranging from “basic cyber hygiene” to “advanced cyber hygiene” that keeps that information adequately protected from cyber threats. 

This security standard, however, does not allow contractors to self-certify and certification will instead rely on third-party assessments. For DoD contractors, this creates the need to invest in an ongoing effort and focus on implementing and maintaining internal procedures to ensure 100% compliance at their required level. 

Failure to do so will render them unable to bid on defense projects with higher-level specifications, potentially costing them lucrative government contracts and diminishing their reputation as a dependable contractor.

Here is everything you need to know about CMMC

How CompleteCloud Helps DoD Contractors

DoD contractors often aren’t equipped with the manpower and employee capacity to helm an internal compliance team to stay on top of every complex aspect of CMMC on top of meeting important deadlines and orders for their government contracts.

CMMC is also still a relatively new security standard. Relying on an internal compliance team who may not be totally up to speed with every single aspect of CMMC opens contractors up to making serious, and preventable, compliance errors. Compiling that with the financial investment of maintaining a safe and secure internal data center, maintaining internal compliance of CMMC can stretch an organization beyond its limits.

To help DoD contractors with CMMC, Brightworks Group offers CompleteCloud, powered by Avatara. CompleteCloud was built with an emphasis on helping organizations more efficiently and easily meet the demands of government regulations by easing the burdens of time and money required to do so.

CompleteCloud is a cloud-based technology ecosystem for DoD contractors, making information and data sharing not only more accessible for a mobile workforce, but also more secure.

CompleteCloud stays up to date with the latest updates and changes to strict compliance regulations like CMMC, even sharing regular quarterly compliance reports to keep you up to date and ready to successfully complete audits. CompleteCloud multi-layered security also keeps important CUI more secure from devastating data breaches and attacks.

Don’t let a misunderstanding of new CMMC compliance, the inability to meet demands or preventable data breaches cost your organization the loss of future projects and major fines. Make the transition to CompleteCloud now.

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