Change Your Mind (But Keep Your Chair)

Jan 20, 2015 | Cloud, Our Industry

It’s the time of year when companies start trying to shake things up. All of a sudden you find free soft drinks in the break room, get a new polo shirt embroidered with the company logo, or find that someone swapped your desk chair for one of those bouncy exercise balls that’s supposed to build your core strength while you think outside the box.

Well, no offense to the bouncy ball enthusiasts, but Brightworks Group has one simple step that will completely revolutionize your business productivity and profitability in 2015. All you have to do is radically shift your mindset about the cloud (but hey, you can keep your chair).

Problem: You’re Looking the Wrong Way

Your average business executive now sees that cloud computing is the wave of the future, but views the cloud through the lens of the past. This exec sees the cloud as a way to avoid server maintenance costs and as a cheaper option than a data center.

That view is true, so what’s the problem? Well frankly, it’s facing backward and missing the big picture. Cloud migration is so much more than an extension of the old infrastructure-based IT model. If your view of the cloud focuses on the benefits of moving files and servers out of the IT closet, you’re overlooking how the cloud can catapult your business into a whole new model for the millennium.

Solution: Overhaul Your Cloud Mindset

Instead, forward-thinking companies of all types and sizes have a future focus—they grasp the full impact cloud can have on the way they work. Far beyond the time and capital savings, enterprise-level cloud migration ignites business potential.

• Real-time, 24/7/365 availability revolutionizes customer experience and makes entering global markets a reality.
• Access-from-anywhere allows your millennial workforce the flexibility to do their best work—increasing both productivity and job satisfaction, and serving as a powerful incentive for attracting top talent.
• Immediate responsiveness enables rapid agility to scale your business up or down without capital outlay or costly downtime.

So swap your desk chair if you must. But to lead your industry, attract and retain the best talent, and take your business to the next level in 2015, contact and see how changing your mindset can change your business for the better.