human-focused IT.

Want to Come Work With Us?

The Brightworks Group is a radically different kind of company. If you’re tired of working for companies that see you as just an interchangeable body for them to shop out, and you’re looking to make a difference while working with that latest trends, we may be a fit for you.


Please note that we are not the company on CareerBuilder advertising remote data entry positions. We have no information about this company or these positions. We are not accepting any resumes for these remote data entry positions.

Working at Brightworks

The Brightworks Group is a 100% remote company – all of our staff work remotely, from all over the US (and sometimes from outside of it!). There is no office you need to report to, no daily commute.

Sometimes our work with clients is done remotely, and sometimes we travel to their facilities. All of the tools you will use for your work can be accessed via a web browser on any device.

We’re big believers in Agile methodologies. We don’t have a lot of meetings. Our first focus is on delighting the customer and making a difference. We don’t have a basketball court, a small army of recruiters, or make you sit at an oh-so-fashionable-but-painfully-distracting open plan desk with a bunch of noisy co-workers.

A lot of companies talk big about culture. We just get on with it.

What We’re Looking For

In general, we’re looking for independent, self-motivated people that can think on their feet, love technology, can solve problems, want to learn all of the time, and enjoy interacting with customers.

That last part is super-important: there are no careers with us that aren’t customer-facing. Accounting, marketing, Human Resources, and other internal functions are all taken care of by our outsourced partners. Everyone who works directly for us is customer-facing and technical.

  • Network engineers

  • Security specialists

  • Social Media experts

  • EHR implementation specialists

  • Subject matter experts in Healthcare, Financial Services, Property Management, Engineering, and Construction

  • AWS engineers

  • IT Operations Engineers/System Administrators

  • Project Managers

  • Business Analysts/DBAs

  • ERP specialists

We’re always looking for both full-time and part-time staff. Want to stay a freelancer? We’re still interested.

Let’s talk. Write to us at and tell us about yourself and what you like to do. We’ll be in touch.