Can Cloud Backup Be Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Sep 4, 2014 | Big Picture Technology, Cloud, Storage

How robust is your disaster recovery plan these days? What would losing everything really look like for your business?

If you’re like most business owners, you prefer not to think about it. Or maybe you assume your IT guy has it under control. Brightworks Group believes that secure, reliable, affordable disaster recovery is within reach of all businesses, and our goal is to ensure that the businesses who choose us as their IT services provider have a uniquely tailored and completely reliable backup and recovery solution.

Cloud Backup for Disaster Recovery? Here’s How It Works.

When you use the cloud for storage and backup, you eliminate the need to own, maintain, and service costly servers. But beyond that, cloud backup can be your most secure disaster recovery plan. Most businesses—even ones with in-house IT—simply can’t support truly robust disaster recovery plans. Unless your business is a large corporation or government entity, chances are you don’t have an off-site data center with continuous monitoring and a redundant generator-backed power source. Cloud backup offers that level of high security and completely reliable backup for disaster recovery without the attendant costs.

Get Answers About Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Not sure if cloud backup is right for your company’s disaster recovery? Brightworks Group is teaming up with Unitrends to offer an informative and fast-paced webinar on this very topic. On September 10, 2014 at 10 am EST, we’ll cover cloud backup, how it works for physical and virtual environments, how costs and security measure up, and end with a Q&A so you can get specific answers for your unique situation. Sign up for the free webinar or contact us to learn more about how cloud backup can be your disaster recovery solution.