Summer Internship Program Continues in 2018

Jun 21, 2018 | Uncategorized

North-side Indianapolis technology firm, The Brightworks Group, continues its Summer Internship Program and its mission to educate the next generation of Business and IT Leaders on the right way to do things.

Indianapolis, IN, May 18, 2018. Six years old Indianapolis-based The Brightworks Group, a premier provider of services providing predictable and successful results with organizations’ business information technology has continued its summer internship program with Kristofer Hoetmer

Doug Miller, CEO of Brightworks, commented that “…having an internship program allows us to contribute to the larger IT community by training and developing the next generation of IT professionals. It’s useful and important for young IT professionals, even those who may be interested in other areas of IT, to spend some time on the maintenance and support side of the business. Doing so makes them more aware of how to better develop and architect systems that are reliable and sustainable.”

Hoetmer, who has interests in engineering and cybersecurity and plans to attend Purdue University in the fall, commented on his experience so far this year with, “It is a fun experience where I’m learning a lot, and making many good connections. It’s great getting valuable experience in the IT field working with experienced professionals.”

About The Brightworks Group

The Brightworks Group is a best in class Technology Success Provider (TSP) headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana primarily serving the Midwest. Brightworks provides Managed Information Technology Services, Professional Services, and Staff Augmentation.