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Introducing Backupworks, Powered by Datto…

An innovative solution to data loss by Brightworks Group. Simply put: It’s simple, secure, automated managed data backup for your business.

Data loss can cost you money and lost productivity. Lots of it. From a simple interruption to a full-on loss of critical data, it can really throw a wrench in the spokes of your day-to-day operations. Causes can include hardware failure, human error, malware or ransomware all the way to mother nature.  Things happen. Being prepared when they do is critical.

The truth is, sometimes things just go wrong. Generally, it’s one of three culprits: Hardware failure, human error, and sometimes even Mother Nature.

With Backupworks, we utilize intelligent business continuity and secure, hybrid cloud technology to keep your data accessible 24/7/365. This blows traditional backup right out of the water.


How Does it Work?

Brightworks Backupworks isn’t your father’s backup system. There are no tapes to change, no backup jobs for you to manage, and nothing for you to load in your car and take off-site (or pay an expensive courier service to take off-site for you).

On-Site, Encrypted Backup

Brightworks Backupworks uses a dedicated on-site backup appliance to perform backups of your data according to a schedule we work with you to set up.  All backed up data is encrypted and secure.

The backup snapshot captures a complete image of the computers being backed up, allowing us to not only easily restore individual files but also to quickly restore an entire computer – even to a new system that’s replacing a failed computer. Backupworks can also protect individual Exchange mail items and Sharepoint data, as well.

Off-Site Replication

When on-site backups are complete, Backupworks silently replicates the on-site backup data across a secure, encrypted channel to our offsite backup image storage center. All data stored off-site is stored encrypted, as well.

Continuous Monitoring and Nightly Testing

The entire backup process, as well as the health and status of the backup appliance,  are continuously and automatically monitored. If something doesn’t work as expected Brightworks engineers are notified and take immediate action to correct the problem.

More importantly, your backups are automatically tested daily by performing a complete restore to a virtual machine that is then booted up to be sure the backup is good. A screenshot of the running, restored computer is included in the daily backup report.

Rapid Restores – Locally and Off Site

Because of the unique way that Backupworks performs backups, both individual files and entire computers can be quickly restored with just a few mouse clicks. These restores can be performed entirely remotely, so there’s no need to wait for a technician to show up or for tapes to be retrieved.

Even in the case where the original computer to be restored is a loss and a new one isn’t available yet Backupworks can save the day. With a few mouse clicks Brightworks engineers can activate a complete, functioning copy of the damaged computer right on the backup appliance that can be accessed on your local network. When it’s time, the copy on the appliance can be used to restored that computer to a new one.

Contact Brightworks today to learn more about our data loss solutions, as well as our suite of business technology services.

Backupworks is a data loss prevention and recovery solution from Brightworks

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