Apples to Apples? Choosing Between Cloud Email Options

Nov 5, 2014 | Big Picture Technology, Cloud

Go into any grocery store this time of year and you’re confronted with scores of apple varieties. Jonathan, Jonamac, Jonagold, Jona-which-one-of-these-is-good-in-pie-for-Pete’s-sake? With any luck you can waylay an expert to tell you which type of apple is best for baking, for making sauce, for adding to a salad, or for eating out of hand. Choosing a cloud email provider is kind of like that.

Office 365, Google Apps for Work…cloud email options are out there, but which one is right for your business? You’re comparing apples to apples, but how can you choose? Brightworks Group —a Chicago and Indianapolis area IT consulting firm—can help.

Should you move to cloud email?

Just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it makes sense for your business. For many small- to medium-sized companies, moving email to the cloud is cost effective and good for business. But not in every case. Brightworks Group IT consultants get to know every aspect of your business and analyze your true IT costs over time to give you a comprehensive and data-driven recommendation about cloud email services.

Should you use Office 365, Google Apps for Work, or something else entirely?

Brightworks Group partners with all of the best cloud email providers—Google Apps for Work, Office 365, and others in a continually updated list—so we’re free to suggest the platform best suited to your needs. We consider each employee’s workflow, look at your data usage, and analyze your business goals to make the best determination. Your storage needs, business type, and number of employees all factor in, as do issues of functionality and customization. Cloud email services are similar, but not exactly the same, so we help clients choose the one that offers the maximum return on investment for their unique businesses.

Not sure if cloud email is right for you, or can’t choose between Google Apps for Work and Office 365? Call the Indianapolis IT consulting firm that puts people first. Brightworks Group takes the guesswork out of apples-to-apples IT decisions.