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Security that Works for You

Radware’s security services come with centralized management by their expert team, taking the burden off local IT departments and resulting in lower overhead for setting up, with no need for hardware or software installations on your end, and a lower cost to maintain, resulting in a consistent and projectable investment.

Centralized reporting also gives you full visibility and access to everything that is happening with your security so you will never be in the dark about your security. A single point of contact with Radware’s emergency response team ensures your security and support needs are handled 24/7.

Protection Worldwide

Web application security through Brightworks and Radware is a multi-layered protection system backed by a worldwide network of 9 global scrubbing centers with 3.5 Tbps of mitigation capacity.

Globally connected in full mesh mode, using Anycast-based routing, this ensures that DDoS attacks are mitigated closest to their point of origin, and provides truly global DDoS mitigation capable of absorbing even the largest volumetric attacks.

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