Why 2015 Will Blow Up Your IT Infrastructure

Jan 13, 2015 | Our Industry

We’re all used to the IT infrastructure cycle. You buy something new, pay to install it, pay to maintain it, pay to patch it, pay to fix it, and, eventually, pay to replace it. Brace yourself: 2015 is going to blow that model out of the water. This year, put your business needs in the driver’s seat and revolutionize the way you view IT.

Rather than tying your IT infrastructure to capital expenses and ongoing costs, shift to the utility bill model. When you only pay for what you use-even if that usage amount changes from employee to employee and on a monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly basis-suddenly your IT becomes agile and instantly scalable, so your business needs are met seamlessly and immediately. No capital expense, no run-around.

How does this work? Professionally managed and uniquely tailored public, private, and hybrid cloud IT infrastructure and application design removes the threat of obsolescence, eradicates the expenses of daily maintenance and capital depreciation, eliminates threats of disaster and environmental damage, and fuels radical business growth.

Sound too good to be true? At Brightworks Group we draw on decades of experience in the IT industry, take the time to understand your business first, and follow a unique human-focused IT model. Brightworks Group customizes IT infrastructure and applications for each of our clients. We build solutions that make sense, ignite growth, cut costs, and boost performance-helping companies of all sizes all over the world stop worrying about their IT so they can focus on their core competencies.

Over the next twelve months, your IT infrastructure can stagnate, or it can catapult your company to new heights. Make 2015 the year your company revolutionizes IT. You won’t regret it.